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Pickled Sardines Spanish Style



I decided to try this excellent recipe for sardines escabeche. I adore Spanish food which is much maligned and misunderstood. It’s simple to make and took me about ten minutes. The paprika turns the oil a lovely red colour. I am hoping this is a good way to rescue frozen oily fish like sardines!

We also cooked up a lot of our organic home grown tomatoes in a fresh pasta sauce with a lot of garlic. So am feeling quite virtuous at the end of Zero Waste Week! I still have not sorted out the food composting, but it is on my list.

Days 4 and 5 of Zero Waste Week


I got a little behind on posts, so this will be a roundup! On Thursday I had a sandwich at the gym, as I hadn’t packed a lunch. For dinner, we had steak with left over baked potatoes, reheated. I cleared out my kitchen cupboards and found a truffle  I brought back from Italy so we ate some of that with the steak. We are not a vegetarian family, however I aim to have meat free days two or three times a week as I know that this is a more sustainable lifestyle. We also mainly buy organic meat.

On Friday we had our planned supper, lamb tagine and couscous. We still haven’t eaten our beetroot and cauliflower, do these need to be cooked today, and I am also going to try and pickle the fish!

What have I thrown away this week? A third of a loaf of bread which had gone mouldy, some grapes that had gone brown. I think this is definitely less than usual and menu planning has helped. It has made me think strategically about what needs to be eaten next and I think I have saved money by sticking to my list.

I have also been round to my mother’s house and was given two pots of her home made jam! I would love to make jam myself so once I have tackled the chutney, I am going to try this. Personally, I love cooking but find certain areas (baking, preserves) a bit challenging, perhaps because they involve measuring ingredients. Learning these skills would be fun and perhaps would tempt the children to try some new recipes!

Day 3 zero Waste Week



We had fish pie last night using my mums recipe (she is the author of the Paupers Cookbook and taught me all I know about food!). This used up our home grown tomatoes and some frozen prawns which had been lurking for a while). I fried the beetroot leaves in butter with peas, they are delicious cooked this way).

Tonight we are having a frittata, essentially a fat omelette you cook in the oven. I substituted the grated courgette in Abel and Cole’s recipe for rocket which I had in the fridge and was getting close to its use by date. I also left out raisins, as I don’t think they would work.

I have discovered some frozen sardines lurking in the freezer so am going to try pickling them and have bought some pickling vinegar. I am also going to try and make chutney from some unripe green tomatoes from our home growing efforts so I will be using vinegar for that as well. Recipes coming soon!

Day 2 of Zero Waste Week

I forgot to take a photograph of the beef goulash I made last night with the leftover beef from Sunday, as I was too hungry and wanted to eat it… But it was very good! I added some mushrooms, chili powder, lots of paprika and served it with mashed potato, parsley and sour cream. I made a beetroot leaf salad as well, another tip from Abel and Cole. I still find the leaves a bit chewy but they are tasty, although we did have some left over. I will probably wilt them with butter as a side dish today with our fish pie.

The children are having some left over macaroni cheese that I made for them yesterday, with hot dogs. I tend to cook for them separately as the eldest is so horribly fussy, although it does make extra work for me! I’ll try and post a picture of that as well, although it didn’t come out quite right (I never get the amount of cheese right as I’m too impatient to do all that measuring).

Zero Waste Week Day One Planning the week’s menu

The weekly meal plan for this week is meant to be Monday fish pie (using sustainably sourced pollack which I get with my veg box delivery), second day frittata (using an excellent Abel and Cole recipe), third day quiche, fourth day chicken wings which is a new recipe I tried out recently and final weeknight couscous and lamb tagine.

I haven’t done my weekly online shop yet (I’m already behind!) so with the view of using up leftovers first I am going to turn leftover Sunday roast beef into goulash and shuffle the fish pie to Tuesday. This also involves using up some store cupboard rice, although to be honest this never sits around in my cupboard for too long as we love rice and eat it at least once a week. I’ve also got plums in this week’s veg delivery, so I will make plum crumble, and some beetroots and cauliflower which I will need to cook soon. As a result I think I will skip making the chicken wings this week and do a beetroot and orange salad or borscht instead, and do a cauliflower cheese dish or curried cauliflower. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m getting on trying to avoid wasting food!

I did a great store cupboard meal last night though and used up some vegetables that were hanging around: I found some miso paste packets in the cupboard and added a few mushrooms, broad beans sliced diagonally, frozen peas, noodles and tofu pieces I’d bought for a stir fry. It took about 10 minutes to make and was a delicious change from stir fry.