Mimimyne is a British Library Business and IP Centre Success Story

I was very excited to be May’s British Library Business and IP Centre British Library Business and IP CentreSuccess Story.

As someone who loves libraries, especially beautiful ones (I wish I’d appreciated the Radcliffe Camera more in my student days, instead of going to sleep in it so often) I still thrill to get my British Library reader’s pass renewed and feel a little lift to my spirits whenever I go in. It was wonderful, because of this, to be asked to have my photograph taken and to have a video filmed about my experience using the British Library Business and IP Centre.

I talk in the video about how helpful the library has been to me, but to sum up it was there that I researched and created a business plan that won me a start-up loan from Deutsche Bank and made my dreamed-of business a reality. It’s a fantastic resource, with networking events aimed at business people (some free and some low-cost), its Inspiring Entrepreneurs series, a great front room to chat in, lots of relevant business periodicals, access to databases, books and anything else you could need. I am still using it on a regular basis and I thoroughly recommend it to every entrepreneur or person dreaming of starting up on their own.


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